boiling point
Contemporary Greek Artists

Künstlerhaus, Galerie
20. Juli bis 12. August 2012

Fourteen contemporary artists from Athens comment and position themselves in a world that is constantly changing and where human behaviour is gradually getting out of control. The sun and the sea, elements that are inscribed in human consciousness as inextricably related to the carefree, and lazy almost, spirit of leisure become in the hands of the artists tools of nemesis. What prevails is the everyday struggle to survive, as well as basic human values, interpreted by the artists and presented to the public.

At the boiling point of a 100 degrees celcius where there is hardly any time to think, two generations of artists find themselves on the same boat. Videodrome, a selection of contemporary video artists will also be presented as part of the exhibition. As a whole Boiling Point offers a cross-section of contemporary Greek art as well as the opportunity to become acquanted with it.

The long-standing and succesful collaboration with the Vienna Kunstlerhaus since 2007 through the exhibitions ARTmART, siga-siga (langsam-langsam), but also through Flavors of Austria and Austria la vista baby has led to a particularly interesting amalgamation of artists, actions and events, transgressing the countries‘ respective boundaries.

Boiling Point is curated by Giorgos and Dimitris Georgakopoulos. Videodrome is curated by Kika Kyriakakou.

Participating artists:
Giavropoulos Nikos, Grigoriadis Ioannis, Voussouras Andreas, Ganas Giannis, Zafiropoulos Thodoris, Marathaki Eva, Bassanos Kostas, Foutris Dimitris, Halatsis Dimitris, Bachlitzanaki Irini, Karalis Babis, Spanoudaki Anneta, Tserionis Giorgos, Toptsidou Olympia

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