4.6.2022, 11:00
Veranstaltung, Künstlerhaus, Factory


As part of the exhibition FROM THERE THROUGH HERE

Growing from their artistic practices, students from the Department of Arts & Science invite you to participate in the workshops associated to the exhibition at Künstlerhaus on June 4th from 10:00 to 18:00. All workshops are family oriented, and all ages welcome. Workshop facilitators will meet participants at the entrance of the Künstlerhaus 5 minutes before the start of each workshop.



Guided tour and microphenomenological reflection with Els van Houtert
If I were to ask you what it feels like to enter a river, you might say something like, “it is cold and wet.” But then I might ask you, “what does this cold feel like?” or “where exactly do you feel this cold?” And only then are you invited to go into the actual experience, to land in your body and sense how the water plays your skin.
Our senses are always activated, but how often do we pay attention to how it is we are perceiving the world around us? In this particular guided tour, we will explore the exhibition space through our bodies. How does the exhibition play us? An intimate moment in the most everyday sense. Els can speak English, German, Dutch and Spanish.

Surface tension - a weaving workshop with Chloë Lalonde
This workshop is an open invitation to the public to participate in my artistic practice. Together we will learn by doing, playing with and deconstructing material that surrounds us everyday. I invite you to weave with me, to create our own surfaces - weaving our own canvases, and experimenting with ideas of painting.
Please bring an old picture frame (with no glass), or an old canvas stretcher. I will have sticks, string and other found objects on hand for off-loom weaving, as well as some lap looms for group weaving. This workshop will be held mostly in English. I also speak French fluently, and I am happy to converse with participants in either language, but my German is not so great! Chloë can speak English, French and very little German.

Sometimes, distance: Reading and Playing with Malashree Suvedi
Sometimes, distance is a picture book based on my hanging textile installation. The picture book focuses on themes of distance, climate change, and connection; particularly focusing on one little wool fish’ experience with her friends, with herself, and with her ocean. This session will not only include a reading (English & German) of the book, but we will also focus on the materials and how we can use different types of materials to make our own dream worlds. We will be asking questions relating to climate change, if far away things are as connected to us as things that we can see, and how we can take all of these thoughts to create interesting, imaginary things. This being said, the main intention is to create, imagine, and hear stories; and not to solve problems. This workshop is suitable for all ages, but it will mostly be aimed at younger children. Malashree can speak English, Nepali, Hindi, and some German.

Sonic Meditations led by Xavi Sosa
In-tense - Sonic Meditations workshop is based on the concept and practice of Deep Listening & Sonic Meditations, developed by the American composer, Pauline Oliveros. Sonic Medications focuses on training awareness, tuning into the environment and a practice of radical attentiveness. I first encountered this concept during a Sounds Queer workshop in 2020, hosted by Tony Renaissance in Vienna. Join me for a quick sonic meditations session in the gallery, sitting in a circle or in the workshop room. Xavi can speak English, German and Spanish.

Minuscule encounters away from time and space with Lucie Belle Blanche David
Through minuscule moments of movements and acts of caring for another, nail-polish and nail art is an intimate encounter. This self-care ritual highlights the sensuous touch and delicate gesture of hands embellishing other hands. As focuses shift, we will dive into an experience of embodied feelings and sensitive contact.
The hand, the nails, and nail polish are a means and purpose to look at the sensual aesthetics of the manicure by playing with its decorative aspect. By recording these gestures, movements and encounters, and projecting them on a large format, their glossy, brilliant, sleek, smooth, and jelly finishes shine. Lucie can speak English, German, French

* Martina Moro will be also be present throughout the day to guide visitors through her video game.



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