14.11.2013, 21:30
Veranstaltung, Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus



Filmwerkplaats is an artist run workspace dedicated to motion picture film as an artistic, expressive medium. It is geared towards filmmakers, artists and art school students interested in film not purely as a storage medium for their ideas, visuals and soundtrack, but as a material that actively shapes and distorts these thoughts, images and sounds.


Film program:
There will be digital and 16mm screenings.

Showing format: Digital


3min30sec, 16mm transferred to digital , mute , b&w by Guy Edmonds (UK)
The film shows some of the last flights of Concorde over London in 2004. It was shot on Kodachrome II stock which had officially expired in July 1971 at around the time at which Concorde was making its first flights. By the time the film was exposed it could no longer be developed as a colour reversal film but only as a black and white negative. I later made a print from this negative and have in the last year added a ‘title sequence’ which details the film’s provenance.

The film is an exercise in the limits of film’s subtlety. Through engaging with the challenge of the film’s material I suggest there are parallels to be found in the frailty of human endeavour as embodied in the lifespan of the complex technologies of its subject and material.
At a time when using film of any type is becoming an increasing race against time JUL 1971 aims to signal a post film-apocalypse mode and aesthetic of archaeological filmmaking.

The mythical island bimini – a hydrozoan dream
1 min, 16mm transferred to digital, sound, 2012, sound by Yespinkpink, by Jutu van der made (NL)

A 16mm direct animation using found footage reworking this by printing images as tiny 16mm frams on transparent sheets, stickering and bleaching, painting and layering…a collage style work on the desire of people to become and remain ‘perfect & beautiful’. Like a hydrozoan yellyfish, that can live forever as it can recerse its aging process…like with my found footage direct animation people alter something that’s already exists (themselves) into something they think it should be. Besides, the sound was a very important element of the work that’s why I choose to make a Disco sound track for this work as DISCO for me is also a symbol for the ‘perfect & beautiful’.

Dust Poetry
9 min, Stereo sound, 2013 by Nan Wang (CN)

Dust Poetry is a 9 minutes film combined with 7000 frames of dust I have been collecting in my room, and 6 minutes long black and white analog 16mm film of small plants and insects I pick up from the garden. I aways fascinated by the beauty of small abandoned physical materials, like dust, plants and insects, and try to imagine their memories and emotions. The recorded sounds of insect sing and wind blows among the plants used to simulate their language and poetry. The aim of this work is to use dust and sound as elements to construct another reality which beyond, however, reflects on our mediated fragmented noisy world.

Should I Stand Amid Your Breakers Or Should I Lie With Death My Bride
Super 8 transferred to digital, 5min, 2012 by Marcy Saude (US)

A line from a Tim Buckley song spawns an extremely literal film. Figures in a haunted landscape, mediated by nature and the individual frame, accompanied by field recordings from a broken tape recorder.

Hidden Star
10min, Sound magnetic, 2002, by Peter Beyer (DE)

The hidden star reveals itself only after a period of serious personal struggle. Each of us has their own star; you too can make it shine.

Showing format: 16mm

Deep Red
16mm, 7 min, no sound, color, 2012 by Esther Urlus (NL)

Dense, addictive, multi-pass, colour printing with trees shorn of their leaves transformed into thirty six layer deep technicolour. Deep Red is an investigation into additive colour mixing on film. Handmade by a d-i-y silkscreen printing technique. Starting point are on black and white hi-con filmed trees shorn of their leaves. As if they're the reminiscent of branches seen flashing past in the night from the back seat of a car. Transformed into thirty six layer deep technicolour. Supported by Nederlands Film Fonds

16mm, 3min, mute, 2012 by Jutu van der made (NL)

A visual diary of my residency in New York last summer 2012. Shot with my self-made hand crank 16mm film pinhole camera by the design of Robert Schaller. I used ST8 film stock, which is normally used to print 16mm sound onto, because I like the nice contrast b&w and also using this pinhole camera and not exactly knowing what you film and how many frames you crank forward you create a king of very unique rhythm that for me comes close to silent music.

Black Cat
16mm, 3min, mute, 2013 by Marcy Saude (US)

Utrecht 2, 3, 4, 5
16mm, 10min, mute by Daan de Bakker (NL)

Four small city portraits.

ai mi!
16mm, 1 min, mute by Klara Ravat (ES)
Inspired by the music of the French medivial composer and poet Guillaume de Machaut, ai mi! is a representation of medieval age most popular personages, the pope, the musician and the arcangel, this time, yes, being them under female control.

16mm, 5min, mute, 2012 by LiChun Tseng (TW)

This film is inspired by a plant native to Australia, the Grass Tree. I was attracted by the slow growth of the trees, their spectacular figures and the ways in which their existence connects the lands, the plant and the people. High contrast black and white film was used to capture and document the movement of the grass tree, as a way to reflect their visual poetry. The scientific name of the grass tree is Xanthorrhoea preissii, people also call it Balga.

Rode Molen
16mm, 5 min, optical sound (by Matt Kemp), color, 2013 by Esther Urlus (NL)

A research into motion picture printing techniques. Starting point and inspiration for the film are the mill paintings of Piet Mondriaan, especially Rode Molen. In the film color is created by multiple exposures through different masks during printing. Depending what developing process is used the colors mix in two ways: additive or subtractive. Supported by DKC Rotterdam.

Running time
16mm, 7min, sound, color, 2008 by Hélène Martin (FR)
Made entirely in the darkroom with no equipment whatsoever except a torchlight and some color filters. Found footage originals. Won the jury prize at the $100 Film Festival.





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