5. Shared Practice in englischer Sprache
Open Workshop: Sara De Santis

Künstlerhaus 1050
8. Juni 2019, 13 Uhr

13 - 16 Uhr, Teilnahme für Interessierte
Im Rahmen von Haben und Brauchen in Wien nutzen acht Performer*innen und Kollektive über vier Monate den Raum für die Entwicklung ihrer künstlerischen Arbeiten im Rahmen des Aufrufs „Artist Commons“ der Wiener Perspektive. Unabhängig davon ist ein Publikum im „shared practice“- Modul eingeladen, performative Methoden unterschiedlicher Performer*innen kennenzulernen.

Dieses Mal mit 
Sara De Santis:
„In my practice I analyze how environmental as well as the cultural parameters influence perception on movement and movement itself. As a dancer,choreographer and teacher I believe that all our gestures are affected by motor-schemes learned during the previous experiences collected in our lifetime. During this 3 hours together  I will propose small exercises to analyze different methodologies and approaches around the subject of external/internal perception.“
Sara De Santis (IT/ AUT) is a teacher, choreographer, dancer and performer. She obtained her BA in Theories and practices of anthropology (2009) at Universita’ La Sapienza and her MA in Choreography at the National Dance Academy (2012), both in Rome. She continues her education between Amsterdam, Rome and Vienna becoming a Gyrotonic® and a yoga instructor. Meanwhile Sara began developing her own work as an independent artist and choreographed creating several solo and group pieces. She worked with renewed artist; among all: Ismael Ivo, Adriana Borriello and Klaus Obermaier. Her work was presented in Italy, France, Poland, Germany, Austria, UK, Netherlands and Hungary.