ZAK RAY's Flying Poetry Service
Shakespeare, Keats, Hölderlin et al.

Künstlerhaus 1050
bis 17. Juni 2019, 16 Uhr

One module of my multi-dimensional stay at Künstlerhaus 1050 in the context of HABEN UND BRAUCHEN IN WIEN is the reading and translating of poetry (and some drama), mainly works on love, time and nature. By Shakespeare, Keats, Hölderlin and others.

I kindly invite you to join me. I can read the originals and my own translations to you (German/English), you can also bring your own material (poetry you know and love, in one of "your" familiar and /or adopted languages) and we can try a translation together.

Please choose one of the following time-slots and announce your coming at least one day prior to

Mi., 12. Juni: 16h – 17h / 17h - 18h
Mo., 17. Juni: 16h – 17h / 17h – 18h
Mi., 19. Juni: 16h – 17h / 17h - 18h